Want to Make Your Own Es Krim at Home? Here’s How

How to create Es Krim – Ice cream is one type of food that is usually served as a dessert or dessert at the restaurant restaurant that has a lot of flavors and variety of innovations are tempting. There is an ice cream served with waffle, cakes, cookies, various kinds of fruits, chocolate, and much more. Ice cream also has a variety of flavors that can make us curious and want to try it. In addition to chocolate and vanilla ice cream that is not foreign, also ice cream flavor fruits are almost often we consume, there is now greent tea flavor, the taste of coffee, and so forth.

Actually utaman material in the manufacture of ice cream is dairy. Yes, that’s why ice cream is very good benefits for our body, because the content of the milk. Ice cream is also commonly used as a daily snack foods at home while watching television, listening to music, or as a complement to other foods. Almost everyone likes ice cream with different flavors and textures of the soft ice cream, without preservatives and artificial colorings, also quite good for children with limited provision. Ice cream can also be added to drinks and enjoyed immediately. Or ice cream can also be mixed with drinks or juice and then blended together to create textures and tastes better. You can make ice cream at home with easily available ingredients.

1/4 cup brown
1/2 cup granulated sugar
3 egg yolks
1/2 cup milk
2 tablespoons cornstarch
Essences taste (mocha, vanilla or durian according to taste)
vanilla to taste

How to make your own es krim
Boil the milk, stirring until warm
Beat sugar and eggs until smooth, put cornstarch, stir
Pour a few tablespoons of warm milk into the egg mixture and stir
Enter this mixture into the boiling milk. Cook, stirring constantly until boiling, remove
Add essences to taste a little fiber coloring, stir
Put the mixture into the ice cream maker is electric or rotary ice cream maker. Sambapi process thickens and cool, store in freezer until frozen
Chocolate ice cream ready to be served