Tutorial How To Cooking Simple Pancake

Tutorial How To Cooking Simple Pancake – Bark or seeds compote compote Candil archipelago is a typical food that taste sweet and delicious, one of the very popular dish in the month of Ramadan as the favorite menu during fasting. Generally shaped roundly by kelerang with a chewy texture, although we could also kreasikan with a box or another. In addition to coconut milk served with a sauce separately, can also be put together to make it more practical. How to make a compote seed bark can also be a variety of materials that can be used, one of which is of use following the yellow sweet potato mixed with easy and practical as well as delicious compote sauce, sweet and savory.

Ingredients and seasonings
500 grams of yellow sweet potato
200 grams of starch
1-2 knotted pandan leaves
250 grams of brown sugar combed
1 bks (65 ml) coconut milk kara
1 liter water
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp vanilla

How to cook pancakes simple
Clean yellow potatoes from the soil or dirt and then boiled with water until cooked and tender. Peeled, mashed potatoes until smooth and mix well with flour. Knead by hand until blended and the dough becomes smooth and malleable.
Take a little bit of dough and shape round of kelerang, it could be a box or adjust the taste alone.
Bring to boil 1 liter of water, put brown sugar, salt, vanilla and pandan leaves and wait until boiling and the sugar dissolves. Enter the batter-batter that has been formed earlier and cook until floats, then pour the milk and stir until cooked. Turn off the heat, pour into a serving bowl and ready to serve.