Membuat Kue Bakpao Isi Ternyata Mudah

Membuat Kue Bakpao Isi Ternyata Mudah – Martabak first tasted this fountain is the time coworkers bring a gift when she was going home to Bogor. Initially I was thinking, why bring a gift Martabak, yet in Bandung also many artisan martabak. But it turns out martabak this one different from martabak I’ve ever tried so far in Bandung. Fountain Martabak its name, this is a privilege martabak of variation namyak flavor and thickness compared to other martabak. He said the hell, martabak fountain was already very popular not only in Bogor but to other regions Bogor.

Since the first taste of that, each holiday to Bogor certainly I visited this Martabak Fountain. located on Jalan Sudirman no. 64, Martabak Fountain is never empty of visitors to queue long sanat. Even during the weekend or the holiday season, the queue length is always increasing. But because of the enjoyment offered by Martabak Fountain that makes us willing to queue up for hours.

Martabak Fountain which makes it very popular are the types and flavors it offers. Call it the contents of the Martabak Nutella nutella, nutella cheese, nut nutella, banana nutella, and there are many more variants price of 60,500 to $ 88,000. No more Martabak Toblerone, Martabak Sweet Box Large Portion, Portion Martabak Sweet Small Box, Martabak Thin Dry and Martabak Eggs. Is a favorite of my choice is Martabak Thin Dry with stuffing Specialty Cheese. Martabak because the content is not too much and not too big, so they can spend by themselves.

Martabak Fountain is indeed really think my recommendation. Because besides different from other martabak, thickness martabak also you can choose according to taste and the flavors given certainly make you addicted. martabak telur simple.