Kreasi Memasak Nasi Kuning Tumpeng Gurih

Kreasi Memasak Nasi Kuning Tumpeng Gurih – For just chatting, some time ago I had an appointment to meet at a friend’s place menyajiaka dining café-style dish that is already known and already many branches, yes it’s Giggle Box. Eating place vintage-style café concept is one part ground floor housed the Festival City Link, where we meet. So cozy atmosphere plus the value of eating places which would have a dish that is also quite special and nice meals.

Food and drinks are served here is not only serving western menu but there is also a menu that Indonesia really, kind of oxtail soup and fried rice with a relatively cheap price for ukura café comfortable and most are in the mall. Sure, come here must be really cool coffee sruput signaturnya, namely coffee and bread Anjis gempol, although actually there are many options that can be tried. Coffee lovers should really dateng here ya, because coffee here has flavors that anjis really special! and the bread actually there are two options, namely bread and ririungan unit. Since we came sixes then our tasting one serving ririungan, alias the portion that can be enjoyed until four people. And yes you are right, a portion less! So pesen again in a heartbeat later portion of the bread vanished into the abdomen of each. Ha ha

Who do not ever miss me a message every time here is friench fries plus banana split, tasty, and cheap! Hehe. but which is so excellent as well, fruid lettuce containing pieces of apple, pineapple, Fuji apple, honeydew melon combined with pure mayonnaise, which segeeerr really! by means of a unique presentation that is placed on the skin of fried spring rolls taste very delicious, crunchy! Overall, I really like this one the same place, good for a garage sale made small talk while eating at a cheap price, let alone there are facilities free wifi! Totally can make me giggling. membuat bakpao isi.