Tutorial Memasak Pancake Cream Coklat

Tutorial Memasak Pancake Cream Coklat – Too late for breakfast, but not too early to eat a dish typical Sundanese Eating Like a Native. Yup! Sundanese restaurants are legendary and famous throughout the world, or at least the entire Bandung me, hehe.

Dish lined-display here at the table at the front of the house eating, so once entered immediately greeted with a grain that looks tempting appetite, so a reasonable then go directly to queue to get his Sundanese dish special.

Wide dish lined crispy fried tempeh with savory taste right, bakwan bakwan corn and shrimp, jerked obese, and various kinds of intestinal offal, tripe, and lung, fried tofu, pepes intestine, spiced mushroom, daaaaannn … sambalnya steady course!

Sauces are a little sweeter than the chili-sauce ever attempted. But still, a tinge of sense pedesnya not hold back! Sweet blend pedess his dess dess very tempting, even until nahan pedesnya want to cry. Because if the sauce does not taste less gimanaaaa pedes so yes, hehe …

Special flavors presented here of course because spice blend of the owner, who really love you if passed fit to Bandung! Moreover, the price offered relatively cheap, so there is not a reason to stop by and enjoy a special dish.

Kreasi Memasak Nasi Kuning Tumpeng Gurih

Kreasi Memasak Nasi Kuning Tumpeng Gurih – For just chatting, some time ago I had an appointment to meet at a friend’s place menyajiaka dining café-style dish that is already known and already many branches, yes it’s Giggle Box. Eating place vintage-style café concept is one part ground floor housed the Festival City Link, where we meet. So cozy atmosphere plus the value of eating places which would have a dish that is also quite special and nice meals.

Food and drinks are served here is not only serving western menu but there is also a menu that Indonesia really, kind of oxtail soup and fried rice with a relatively cheap price for ukura café comfortable and most are in the mall. Sure, come here must be really cool coffee sruput signaturnya, namely coffee and bread Anjis gempol, although actually there are many options that can be tried. Coffee lovers should really dateng here ya, because coffee here has flavors that anjis really special! and the bread actually there are two options, namely bread and ririungan unit. Since we came sixes then our tasting one serving ririungan, alias the portion that can be enjoyed until four people. And yes you are right, a portion less! So pesen again in a heartbeat later portion of the bread vanished into the abdomen of each. Ha ha

Who do not ever miss me a message every time here is friench fries plus banana split, tasty, and cheap! Hehe. but which is so excellent as well, fruid lettuce containing pieces of apple, pineapple, Fuji apple, honeydew melon combined with pure mayonnaise, which segeeerr really! by means of a unique presentation that is placed on the skin of fried spring rolls taste very delicious, crunchy! Overall, I really like this one the same place, good for a garage sale made small talk while eating at a cheap price, let alone there are facilities free wifi! Totally can make me giggling. membuat bakpao isi.

Membuat Kue Bakpao Isi Ternyata Mudah

Membuat Kue Bakpao Isi Ternyata Mudah – Martabak first tasted this fountain is the time coworkers bring a gift when she was going home to Bogor. Initially I was thinking, why bring a gift Martabak, yet in Bandung also many artisan martabak. But it turns out martabak this one different from martabak I’ve ever tried so far in Bandung. Fountain Martabak its name, this is a privilege martabak of variation namyak flavor and thickness compared to other martabak. He said the hell, martabak fountain was already very popular not only in Bogor but to other regions Bogor.

Since the first taste of that, each holiday to Bogor certainly I visited this Martabak Fountain. located on Jalan Sudirman no. 64, Martabak Fountain is never empty of visitors to queue long sanat. Even during the weekend or the holiday season, the queue length is always increasing. But because of the enjoyment offered by Martabak Fountain that makes us willing to queue up for hours.

Martabak Fountain which makes it very popular are the types and flavors it offers. Call it the contents of the Martabak Nutella nutella, nutella cheese, nut nutella, banana nutella, and there are many more variants price of 60,500 to $ 88,000. No more Martabak Toblerone, Martabak Sweet Box Large Portion, Portion Martabak Sweet Small Box, Martabak Thin Dry and Martabak Eggs. Is a favorite of my choice is Martabak Thin Dry with stuffing Specialty Cheese. Martabak because the content is not too much and not too big, so they can spend by themselves.

Martabak Fountain is indeed really think my recommendation. Because besides different from other martabak, thickness martabak also you can choose according to taste and the flavors given certainly make you addicted. martabak telur simple.

Martabak Telur Simple How To Cook and Recipe

Martabak Telur Simple How To Cook and Recipe – A variety of fish both freshwater and marine fish is delicious cooked to dipepes, including the types of fish such as anchovies rice, anchovies or anchovy dungarees field both wet and dry salted anchovy was equally tasty processed into pepes. Recipes of fish with spices spread is more delicious with the taste and aroma of basil and fragrant banana leaf as a wrapper that can be used.

Ingredients and seasonings:
100 grams of anchovies dungarees
1 lemon to spread
Water 3 tablespoons tamarind juice of 1/2 tbsp tamarind
20 leaves basil
1 leek sliced into small pieces
2 stalks lemongrass cut into small white part only
banana leaves for wrapping
5 red onions
3 cloves garlic
3 large red chilies
8 pieces of red cayenne pepper
1/2 teaspoon shrimp paste
6 eggs fried hazelnut
2 cm ginger
1 cm kencur
1 cm turmeric
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon seasoning or to taste

How to make Martabak telur:
Wash the fish with hot water, remove and drain then coat with lime juice about 20 minutes.
Mix and stir until blended spices with other materials as well as fish that have been covered earlier.
Prepare a piece of banana leaf that has been burned briefly on the fire that withered and not easily torn. Pour batter earlier anchovies, wrap neatly and pin at both ends with a stick.
Steam for 20 minutes or until cooked, remove and drain then grilled until it does not contain water. Pepes lift teri then ready to be served.

Tutorial How To Cooking Simple Pancake

Tutorial How To Cooking Simple Pancake – Bark or seeds compote compote Candil archipelago is a typical food that taste sweet and delicious, one of the very popular dish in the month of Ramadan as the favorite menu during fasting. Generally shaped roundly by kelerang with a chewy texture, although we could also kreasikan with a box or another. In addition to coconut milk served with a sauce separately, can also be put together to make it more practical. How to make a compote seed bark can also be a variety of materials that can be used, one of which is of use following the yellow sweet potato mixed with easy and practical as well as delicious compote sauce, sweet and savory.

Ingredients and seasonings
500 grams of yellow sweet potato
200 grams of starch
1-2 knotted pandan leaves
250 grams of brown sugar combed
1 bks (65 ml) coconut milk kara
1 liter water
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp vanilla

How to cook pancakes simple
Clean yellow potatoes from the soil or dirt and then boiled with water until cooked and tender. Peeled, mashed potatoes until smooth and mix well with flour. Knead by hand until blended and the dough becomes smooth and malleable.
Take a little bit of dough and shape round of kelerang, it could be a box or adjust the taste alone.
Bring to boil 1 liter of water, put brown sugar, salt, vanilla and pandan leaves and wait until boiling and the sugar dissolves. Enter the batter-batter that has been formed earlier and cook until floats, then pour the milk and stir until cooked. Turn off the heat, pour into a serving bowl and ready to serve.

How to Make Nasi Goreng Typical Java Delicious

How to Make Nasi Goreng Typical Java Delicious – Nasi goreng is a typical Indonesian food without a touch of the country where-ever. Therefore we should be proud with this one processed food. Foods derived from Java and also around Central Java, Yogyakarta and East Java and also in various other areas in Indonesia. How to Make a Javanese fried rice is very easy to try at home and also presented all the loved ones at home. Complementary material from this Java fried rice is cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and fried onion topping that makes Java special and also special.

Javanese fried rice is part of some kind of fried rice recipe that exist in various regions in Indonesia. Fried rice is usually mixed use Java chili crushed using a mortar and also taste more tolerable-again spicy. Sometimes nevertheless given a mixture of bean sprouts or sprouts. In addition to fried rice Java, there are other types of fried rice its also very good, among which are salted fish fried rice, so named because the materials used are anchovies, ter-enter Indonesian food itself.

Ngak rice will be separated from the main food in every region in Indonesia. Moreover, various kinds of rice can be processed for example, just fried rice. There is a special fried rice Java delicious by the way make simple yet seasoning dose should fit. Se-not to make fried rice first consider the use of rice. Should stay away from rice mushy texture and also expired. If the mother can choose the correct then one step has been fulfilled. Stay mother noticed seasoning and also way of processing only. Read too because your can eat with nasi goreng and so delicious.

Want to Make Your Own Es Krim at Home? Here’s How

How to create Es Krim – Ice cream is one type of food that is usually served as a dessert or dessert at the restaurant restaurant that has a lot of flavors and variety of innovations are tempting. There is an ice cream served with waffle, cakes, cookies, various kinds of fruits, chocolate, and much more. Ice cream also has a variety of flavors that can make us curious and want to try it. In addition to chocolate and vanilla ice cream that is not foreign, also ice cream flavor fruits are almost often we consume, there is now greent tea flavor, the taste of coffee, and so forth.

Actually utaman material in the manufacture of ice cream is dairy. Yes, that’s why ice cream is very good benefits for our body, because the content of the milk. Ice cream is also commonly used as a daily snack foods at home while watching television, listening to music, or as a complement to other foods. Almost everyone likes ice cream with different flavors and textures of the soft ice cream, without preservatives and artificial colorings, also quite good for children with limited provision. Ice cream can also be added to drinks and enjoyed immediately. Or ice cream can also be mixed with drinks or juice and then blended together to create textures and tastes better. You can make ice cream at home with easily available ingredients.

1/4 cup brown
1/2 cup granulated sugar
3 egg yolks
1/2 cup milk
2 tablespoons cornstarch
Essences taste (mocha, vanilla or durian according to taste)
vanilla to taste

How to make your own es krim
Boil the milk, stirring until warm
Beat sugar and eggs until smooth, put cornstarch, stir
Pour a few tablespoons of warm milk into the egg mixture and stir
Enter this mixture into the boiling milk. Cook, stirring constantly until boiling, remove
Add essences to taste a little fiber coloring, stir
Put the mixture into the ice cream maker is electric or rotary ice cream maker. Sambapi process thickens and cool, store in freezer until frozen
Chocolate ice cream ready to be served